Direct Media Marketing’s call center facility has 16 CATI interview stations networked to the main on-site server, with an offsite backup server for data security and recovery. In addition to our internal CATI capabilities, each call station is equipped with internet access to enable web hosted interviewing.


Outbound hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. EST, and on weekends from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Hours are customized based on project needs.


We have created a comfortable, intimate environment, with acoustically shielded call stations.  By design, our call center is one of the quietest in the industry, producing higher cooperation ratios. Respondents receiving calls from our interviewers are not distracted by typical background chatter which has proven to be a deterrent in obtaining quality data.




We offer the highest level of personalized service and data quality that only an owner-operated call center can achieve.  From planning to successful completion and reporting, every project is managed and directed by a company principal.


Robert Crnic, Company Founder, Operations Manager, BBA

With over 33 years of diverse marketing experience, Bob has personally managed over 3500 research and lead generation projects. Whether your needs are questionnaire development or targeted list procurement, his wide-ranging insights consistently save time, and prevent cost overruns while ensuring that sample quotas, project deadlines and data integrity are always achieved per a client’s specifications and CASRO standards.


Saundra Crnic, Managing Partner, BBA

Sandy has had over 28 years of data tracking, analysis, and security experience. As a former systems analyst with IBM Corporation in both their international and domestic arenas, she brings unique professional qualifications and analytical abilities to her crucial role.  Since joining us in 1993 Sandy has played a lead role in questionnaire development for interviewing effectiveness, detailed survey programming, data collection, coding, quality assurance, and tabular reporting.




Our skilled interviewers possess an average of over 6 years of interviewing experience and have the training and knowledge to execute complex market research projects and lead generation programs, resulting in consistently high performance levels and unsurpassed research integrity.


Interviewer Supervisors

Responsible for the ongoing supervision, training and monitoring of interviewer staff to ensure that standardized, nondirective telephone interviews are being conducted in compliance with client requirements. Average interviewing experience per supervisor is 8 years.



Approximately 25 dialect-free interviewers are responsible for complying with CASRO and client guidelines while maintaining a neutral and professional relationship with respondents to ensure data integrity.  Interviews are conducted in a standardized, nondirective fashion using effective probing techniques with an emphasis on data consistency. We staff only mature interviewers who possess previous customer support or research experience and demonstrate superior communication skills.



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