Direct Media Marketing specializes in the following services:



        Teleresearch and Lead Generation Strategies

        Project Planning and Least Cost Budgeting

        Script Development

        Questionnaire Design

        Sample Formulation and List Procurement



Data Collection

        Advertising & Brand Awareness Studies (Pre & Post Studies)

        Attitude & Usage Studies

        Benchmark Studies

        Brand Positioning Studies

        Corporate Imaging Studies

        Customer Loyalty & Satisfaction Studies

        Employee Retention Studies

        Focus Group & Online Panel Recruitment

        Home Usage Testing (HUT) Studies

        Market Feasibility Studies

        Market Share & Competitive Analysis

        Message Testing Studies

        Product Placement & Concept Testing

        Product Pricing Studies

        Public Opinion Polling Studies

        Subscriber & Membership Studies

        Tracking & Performance Studies



Business to Business Lead Generation

        Survey Based Lead Generation Programs

        Event Registration Campaigns

        Event Follow-Up Lead Conversions

        Automated Voice Messaging

        Database Cleansing & List Maintenance



Tabulation & Reporting

        Complex Programming Logic Including Branching, Piping, & Randomization

        Data Entry, Coding, Transformation, Cleaning, Organizing & Summarizing

        Calculation of Base Counts, Frequencies, Means, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, & Statistical Significance Testing at Multiple Confidence Intervals

        Measurement Types: Ratings, Single & Multiple-Answer Lists, Verbatim Responses, Numeric, Grids, Ranking, Percentiles, Frequency Distribution, Rank Order, Sum

        Fast Turnaround of Cross Tabulations to Required Specifications

        Precise & Complete Tabular Reporting - Output Formats Include Microsoft Word, PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML, JPG (Charts), SPSS, ASCII, & More




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